Comprehensive lipid Panel

Cardiovascular disease is a catch all term that includes coronary artery disease leading to heart attacks, cerebrovascular disease causing TIAs or strokes, and peripheral vascular disease causing poor blood supply to the extremities. The underlying disease process in all three involves atherosclerotic plaque build up in arteries leading to blockages. Screening is recommended to start with standard lipid panel, however your typical lipid panel leaves out other lipid protein  moleculs that increase your risk of heart disease. 


  • $79.00


  • Fast for 12 hours (no food or drink, except water).


  • HSA/FSA: accepted
  • Sample type: blood
  • Age: 18+ years of age to purchase.
  • Results in 2-3 days following collection. 

1. Fasting Standard Lipid Panel
2. Apo lipoprotein  B-100
3. Lp (a) measurement


1. Adults age 18 years or older. 

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